Food With A View

Take in this unique Gulf of Mexico and sleepy Port A combination view while savoring our extensive menu options. This local treasure guarantees everything is made to order - a little family practice that will have you running back for more.

From fabulous steaks to seafood and sushi, there is something for everyone including your lil' Buckaroos.

Family Fun, Cocktails, and Party Boat Vibes

1st floor: Open ocean-air with a bar and outdoor games, the 1st floor is a favorite for the young and young at heart. Some guests entertain themselves while waiting on a table and others simply come to enjoy cocktails and a view. During the busy season, you can enjoy live music in the evenings! 

2nd floor: This is our overflow dining room or “party room”. This floor offers a quiet, laid back dining experience for those who wish to immerse themselves in our sushi experience or simply want a few quiet moments to enjoy their meal. Our Sushi Bar, also located on the second floor, offers bar seating for those who would like to watch the chef prepare each order. 

3rd floor: Our “boat bar” can be enjoyed on the 3rd floor. Replicated to be the back of a sport-fishing boat, this bar has proven to be a crowd favorite. In addition to the bar, you will also find a more upbeat dining atmosphere for those who prefer an indoor dining experience.

Now you can see why we truly have a place for everybody!

Family First

We are family owned and operated. When you join us, you are too will be part of our growing family.

Made To Order

Everything we do is made to order. From sushi, fish and shrimp to our hand-cut ribeyes, battered to order.

Bottom-Filling Draft Beer System

We currently boast the only bottom-filling draft beer system in town - yes, our beer fills from the bottom of the cup! We have many guests who visit just to see it for themselves.